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Flexible Air Ducts

Superior Quality, Flexibility and Strength
GLV offers a wide range and variety of quality insulated and non-insulated flexible air ducts that meet stringent requirements of different countries.
Some of the international standards that GLV air ducts comply with are:
  • UL 181 Class 0, Class 1, UL 2158A 
  • National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 90A and 90B
  • British Standards 476 - parts 6,7 and 20
  • French Standards - M0, M1, M2
  • Italian Standards - Class 0, Class 1
  • Dutch Standards - B-s2
  • Belgian Standards - Class A
  • Israel Standards No. 5678
  • European Standard EN13180.

Air duct connections and joints shall be made per installation instructions outlined by GLV International (1995) Ltd. and as required by the U.L. 181 listing procedure or other classified standard procedure.
Unless otherwise instructed, all GLV flexible ducts are designed for indoor applications. Exposure to direct or indirect sunlight can cause ultraviolet (U.V.) deterioration.

Approved Joining Materials
Duct Tape:  Only use duct tape listed and labeled in accordance with U.L. 181B and marked "U.L. 181 B-FX" (established Oct. 20,1995).
Clamps:  Non-metallic clamps shall be listed in accordance with U.L. 181B and marked "U.L. 181B-C". Use of non metallic clamps shall be limited to 6 in w.g. positive pressure (established May 15, 2004).