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Product Range
GLV manufacturers a full range of quality flexible insulated and non-insulated air ducts used successfully in HVAC systems and residential and commercial clothes dryer systems applications around the world.
GLV’s product line features safety, efficiency and reliability.

Smooth inner core assures low friction. No tearing. Resists puncturing.

Insulated air ducts manufactured with aluminum or polyester core and jacket.

Non-insulated ducts manufactured of aluminum, polyester and PVC.

Available in standard diameters and lengths.

Fire resistant adhesives.

Superior Flexibility and Strength

GLV’s products have a minimum of double lamination combinations of aluminum and polyester encapsulating a strong wire helix, thereby maintaining its shape while preserving efficient air flow. Will not unravel when cut.

Product excellence, competitive pricing and high customer satisfaction

All flexible air ducts are packaged compressed in cardboard boxes or plastic bags, ready for immediate installation. GLV's full inventory and production capabilities assure quick response time and efficient service.

Value. Service. Quality.

GLV flexible air ducts. Your assurance of top performance.