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Flexible Air Ducts

AF014 R4.2
AF014 R4.2

AF 014 R6
AF014 R6

AF014 R8
AF014 R8
All the above flexible ducts can be produced in yellow or pink fiberglass

Rectangular duct
Mobile home duct

Product description and applications
U.L. 181 Class 1 Insulated Air Duct
Top quality thermally insulated polyester flexible air duct
Ideal for low, medium and high pressure heating, air conditioning and ventilation systems

Core Construction
Double lamination of tough clear polyester encapsulating a strong bronze coated steel wire helix, using a premium heat cured fire retardant, forming an air tight inner core.

Jacket Construction
Combines a layer of clear and metalized polyester using a premium heat cured adhesive, forming a durable metalized jacket vapor barrier.
Also available with reinforced bi-directional fiberglass yarn scrim.